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I cannot believe my ears! When I picked up Olivia at the kindergarten yesterday evening, her teacher told me that the teacher of their English class (30 minutes every Tuesday and Friday, fees inclusive - see Note 1) said, "The name 'Olivia' is hard to pronounce. Who named the child this?" Olivia's teacher answered, "The parents, so we can't change it." (see Note 2)

Hard to pronounce? How come? For me, I cannot think of an easier name to pronounce than Olivia - just read EVERY syllable visible! Not to mention that "Olivia" is such a popular name. My Olivia can say her English name when she was less than 2.5 years old, so I doubt that an adult cannot pronounce it correctly.

This really reminds me of my nephew's English name. Now I am getting more and more disappointed about the Taiwan-based English teachers in kindergarten (at least in Hualien). I certainly know that not being able to pronounce every English name doesn't disqualify an English teacher, but I suppose this is a common situation: when Taiwanese people (not all of them, of course) see an English name with more-than-two syllables, they tend to hypnotize themselves, "I cannot read it!" and blame whoever gave a child that name.

I guess it's pure luck (or not?) that I didn't name my daughter Abigail or Regina, or the English teacher would find it even harder to pronounce either name!

Note 1:
The kindergarten offers a not-on-schedule (standard?) English course, which does one-hour classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 3 months. Olivia doesn't attend that course not because her mom thinks it's too expensive (NTD 5800 for 36 hours), but because I don't see the need. My primary goal for her to go to kindergarten is that she enjoys every hour there, not to show off "How are you?" or "I am fine". So the on-schedule twice-a-week 30-minute classes should do.

Note 2:
When I first wrote down "Olivia" for her teacher (not the English teacher), she mistook it for "Dlivia" and asked me how it is read. Gees... Is it my handwriting or what?!


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  • mikakidsyoga
  • wow

  • 瑟熙樂
  • 您說神奇,我可是一整個無力啊...
  • 婉君
  • 呵呵呵...,這讓我又想起了兒子的英文名字"Joseph",當時在他所就讀的幼稚園造成多麼大的風波呢!!
  • 唉... 您兒子當初就讀的還是所謂的「雙語」幼稚園呢~~
    我承認 Marcia 是稍微刁鑽了點,但也不至於無從猜起吧... 跟 Olivia 一樣有音讀音就可以啦!
    其實我原本也喜歡 Michelle,不過當初就是不喜歡跟很多別人用一樣的名字,所以才費盡心思找到 Marcia,沒想到還是事與願違啊~~
    結果您女兒班上還是有兩個 Michelle,哈哈!但至少不用聽值班老師的怪異發音了!
    (謎之音:不用笑別人,在歐美國家,叫 Olivia 的人可是比 Michelle 多更多呢~~)

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  • Michelle
  • 看了樓上的留言,我必須說,聽很多人叫我Mi-che-ㄦ才是令人難過的事呢!

    Marcia is a beautiful name! 真不應該放棄!Michelle在台灣有點太菜市場名了。哎~
  • 我也同意,聽到怪腔怪調的「米 - 穴 - 耳」真的很吐血!但是 Michelle 這個名字真的很美~~

    swang928 於 2009/03/01 09:16 回覆