Although I claimed to be fascinated in English names, I actually like girl names much more than I do boy names.  For me, boy names are dull and boring except for William, Oliver and Alexander (in that order) (ok I know I'm REEEEAAAAALY biased.)

Happened to see my old photos on Newcastle (why didn't I take photos of Waterstone's Bookstore and Dillon's Bookstore then?) days ago, and suddenly some old aspirations emerged from the deep sea of memory:

If I had two sons:
The elder would be Eldon, after the Eldon Square (not far from the Leazes Terrace, where I stayed while in Newcastle)
The younger would be Dillon, after Dillon's Bookstore (you don't want to name your child Waterstone, do you)

If I had one son and one daughter:
The boy would be London
The girl would be Paris (pity there would be the infamous Paris Hilton later on *cough*)

If I had two daughters:
That would be easy because my list of favorite girl names had been pages long!

And it turned out that I bore no one... =_=


Chez Cécile

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