Voilà, the latest addition to the British royal family and probably the most noticed royal baby was named George Alexander Louis, thus HRH Prince George of Cambridge.

Actually I was hoping for a Prince Arthur, but "King Arthur" is a bit too mythical. Or maybe Louis, but again "King Louis" doesn't sound very British IMHO. Prince Alexander is nice and classic, but "King Alexander" seems too "innovative" -- provided that the now baby Prince would some day decide to ascend the throne by his own name, like his great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II did 60 years ago.

On the other hand, James and George, thoguh most punters' favorites, are among the last on my name list -- maybe only for the middle names. Don't be mistaken, I do like these names; but the Duke of Cambridge, the newborn's dad, already had a cousin named James. And there had already been six King Georges in British history!

(For similar reasons, I have always wondered what QEII was thinking when she named her firstborn Charles.)

Anyways, it turned out that the only thing I get right is that there's an Alexander and a Louis. OK I'll take that, but... George as a first name? Com'on Will & Kate, you could've come up with a better one... *sigh*

That said, I know it's tremendously difficult to find a perfect name for one's child, especially when that child will be King of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth realms. Let's hope for some more less-used but classy names in the next round(s). *fingers crossed*

ps. I've got a feeling that the names of future kings of GB will be alternating between William and George to create some sort of royal tradition... Hope I live long enough to prove that. :-)


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