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The Cambridge baby #2 is arriving any minute, so I decided to spare (pun not intended -- not the "heir and spare" spare) a little time for some forecast: not the gender but (as usual) the name.

As I prefer girls to boys (though I agree that the toddler Prince George is really cute!), I will start with girl names. While most bets are on Alice, my favorites are Matilda and Charlotte. With no obvious reason -- they were just the first names that sparkled. I love Elizabeth a lot and it's also the middle name of the Duchess of Cambridge, but I doubt that Will and Kate would name their little girl after her great grandmother, the current queen. Alexandra, one of the middle names of Elizabeth II, might work as well. (The other middle name of QEII is Mary, but it seems a bit old-fashioned IMHO...)

Frances did flash through my mind as it was the middle name of the soon-to-be-born's late grandmother (a new "Princess Diana" might be too provoking for the British royal house), however my reason states that it's a highly unlikely choice.

Since Saint George is the patron saint of England, it would be nice to name Prince George's sister Andrea -- a feminine form of Andrew. Reason one: the patron saint of Scotland is Saint Andrew. Reason two: Will and Kate met at University of St Andrews! How harmonious and gleeful!

(Yes I know, per the "patron saint" theory, Patricia and Davina will do too, for the patron saints of Ireland and Wales are St Patrick and St David, respectively. But we already had a Lady Divina in the family, and Princess Patricia just doesn't sound right... *pardon me*)

Mind you, Olivia is always a feasible option and it flows well with big brother George! (It happened to be my daughter's name too. XD)

ps. Where are the boy's names? Well I'm running out of time and you can find my favorites in "Naming a New Prince"... But pray not a Michael (the maternal grandfather) nor a Charles (the paternal grandfather) *fingers crossed*

pps. Found this article hours after composing mine... Great minds do think alike!

ppps. Believe it or not, Elaine and Helena just yelled at me, "We are lovely names for a little Cambridge princess as well!"


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